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Definitive Prosthetics

BPO prides itself on delivering life-long definitive prosthetic services to its clients, either by transition through our interim program or referral to our service. 

BPO welcomes any new clients to our service, please see our contact information to make a referral

Our Definitive Prosthetic services include;

  • Lower Limb – Everyday definitive prescriptions, waterproof shower prescriptions or activity specific prostheses
    • Servicing the needs of patients with amputations such as; Transtibial, Transfemoral, Knee Disarticulation, Hemipelvectomy, rotation-plasty/Van-Ness, Symes and Partial feet.
  • Upper Limb – Body powered and myoelectric upper limb prostheses, adjustment and maintenance of myoelectric prostheses, cosmetic upper limbs, and cosmetic silicone prostheses
  • Recreational Prostheses – water based recreational prostheses, sport based prostheses, activity specific prostheses
  • Paediatric – BPO provides the provision of everyday and recreational prostheses to paediatric clients across the Barwon region, also linking services with the Royal Children’s Hospital to provide the best outcomes for children and their families.
  • Osseointegration – BPO offers the adjustment and maintenance of existing osseointegration componentry to those within the region.


  • Microprocessor knees – BPO clinicians are trained and certified in the prescription of microprocessor knees, such as the C-leg 4, Genium, Kenevo and the Rheo XC knee.
  • Upper Limb – BPO clinicians are trained in the use of many upper limb technologies such as the Michelangelo and Co-Apt Gen 2 system.
  • LASAR posture – BPO uses the state-of-the-art LASAR posture to achieve an accurate alignment during the static alignment of your prosthesis
  • Symphonie – BPO has utilised the progressive Symphonie system to achieve positive outcomes for many of our clients.
  • Video Gait Analysis – Our clinicians utilise video gait analysis to dynamically assess your gait for an optimal performance of your prostheses/orthoses
  • Materials – BPO uses the latest manufacturing materials and techniques to achieve the highest level fabrication for our clients.