Driving after amputation

Driving after Amputation

Following your amputation driving may become a more difficult activity for you to undertake, you will require the input of an occupational therapist to help guide you back to legal and safe driving.

Vehicles can be modified to accommodate your amputation, with several companies skilled in completing this regularly, this may include the fitting on left foot accelerator pedals, wheelchair hoists or spinner knobs to the steering wheel.

You may be able access financial support through the Victorian equipment program (SWEP), or through other financial support if your amputation is covered through another in insurance program (NDIS, TAC, Worksafe etc).

Your rehabilitation consultant will be able to assist completing a medical report for VicRoads to assess your disability and ability to return to driving. You can also contact VicRoads on 11 31 71 or vicroads.vic.gov.au for more information.

Driving is an important part of your independence, and can assist with achieving your rehabilitation goals, however it is also important to only attempt a gradual return to driving when safe to do so.

BPO can assist you in accessing the correct help through a qualified occupational therapist. Please discuss this with your treating prosthetist at your next appointment for more information.